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 Case Studies

Solar+Storage- Finance Perspective

Solar+Storage- Policy Perspective

Solar+Storage- Technology Perspective

This is a detailed case study report that analyzes the technical and economic viability of solar and storage on three critical infrastructure sites in New York City.

 Fact Sheets

The Smart DG Hub Resilient Solar Project has published a compilation of introductory energy storage information aimed at a wide base of users unfamiliar with the subject

Definitions of terms relating to Solar+Storage

This fact sheet outlines the resilient PV system designs and components including a detailed battery comparison table listing usage types, lifetime, costs, safety, and other battery characteristics.

This fact sheet walks through the some of the different types of software products available for resilient PV and microgrid development and implementation, and explains the different functionalities that enable systems to accomplish the objectives of a DG project.

This guide designed to provide solar installers and the general public with an understanding of the economics of solar photovoltaic projects that include battery storage systems (solar+storage) in New York City.


This fact sheet guideline provides information to installers, utilities, policy makers, and consumers on how to add an energy storage system (ESS) to existing solar PV systems to create resilient PV or make new PV systems “storage ready”.

This memo provides information to communities interested in group purchase or Solarize programs which incorporate storage (i.e. battery back-up)