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CUNY, in a collaborative effort under the NY-Sun Initiative, worked with NYSERDA, NYPA and jurisdictions across the state to develop the initial NYS Unified Solar Permit form, based upon the Long Island Unified Solar Permit Initiative as well as the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards’ national best practices. Local governments can pass legislation to adopt the New York State Unified Solar Permit to reduce costs and delays for solar projects in the jurisdiction.

An updated version of the NYS Unified Solar Permit is now available and can be used for installations up to 25kw for residential or small commercial, ground mounted or roof mounted. The permit, including a list of required attachments and the NY-Sun Solar Guidebook for Local Governments in New York State, can be found below and on the NY-Sun website. If your municipality has not yet adopted a uniform permit, your solar installer will need to follow the process in the municipality where your installation will be installed. NYS Unified Solar Permit Adopters For assistance in adopting the NYS Unified Solar Permit Contact a NYS Solar Ombudsman

Currently large commercial applications are handled on a case by case basis by municipalities.