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Nearly half of the households and businesses in the U.S. are unable to host photovoltaic (PV) solar systems either because they rent their spaces or because their roof is not suitable for solar. New business models like community solar and shared solar are gaining popularity and increasing equitable access to clean solar energy.

Sharing the Sun

There are many terms for these new PV models such as Community Solar, Shared Solar, Community Distributed Generation (CDG). Basically, shared solar energy systems allow several energy customers to share the benefits of one solar energy installation that are in the same utility area and the same NYISO load zone. The shared solar project pools investments from multiple members of a community provides financial benefits in return.

Shared Solar NYC

New York City has committed to fighting climate change and offering all New Yorkers access to reliable, affordable renewable energy. To advance these goals the NYC Solar Partnership, led by Sustainable CUNY, is working with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the NYC Economic Development Corporation to facilitate community shared solar (CSS) installations throughout the five boroughs. Visit the Shared Solar Gateway NYC for more information

NY-Sun Community Solar

Solar energy is now more available than ever before with community solar. Solar for All offers eligible households the opportunity to subscribe to community solar at no cost. Program participants receive monthly credits on their electricity bills and there are no upfront costs, fees, or payments to participate. Visit the NY-Sun Community Solar site for more information.