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People all over the country are buying solar in bulk and saving money in the process, a 'classic economies of scale’ that works on many levels. Often called “solar bulk purchase”, “solar group purchase”, “SunShares”, or “Solarize,” these programs help guide groups of homeowners as they purchase solar systems together. The benefits include both cost savings and programmatic support. For example, a large portion of the cost of a residential system is the cost to installers of finding customers. Group Purchasing programs bring pre-screened customers directly to an installer, allowing the installer to pass the savings on to the participants. Additionally, the support the group provides each participant makes it easier to evaluate quotes from installers and to navigate permit requirements, incentive programs, and the local utility.The traditional solarize model has several hallmarks:

  • A group who manages the program - usually a combination of local officials, local community group(s), and often an experienced organization
  • A competitive installer selection
  • A tiered pricing structure, the more who join, the lower the price for all participants
  • Community-led outreach and education
  • Is a limited-time program (generally 6-9 months)

In Your Area

You can find the solar programs currently available 'In Your Area' by entering your address on the NY Solar Map and clicking on the  icon.


 NYSERDA offers additional state-wide resources on Solarize Your Community page.