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Smart DG Hub Value of Resiliency Project

The Smart DG Hub formed a “Value of Resiliency” (VoR) Strategy Team to engage subject matter experts in three key stakeholder communities to develop actionable industry and policy guidelines to recognize the value of resiliency offered by S+S system installation:

  • Insurance

  • Banking

  • Government policy

By bringing together leaders across these stakeholder communities, the VoR Strategy Team developed the strategies and tools for stacking the value offerings of resilient PV systems.

Monetizing the Value of Resiliency

The ultimate goal of the VoR project is to create an easily understood value stream that improves the economic performance of S+S for building owners and facilities managers based on such systems’ capacity to mitigate losses that are currently borne by a mix of: (i) the facilities owners themselves; (ii) business interruption, property, and other insurers; (iii) mortgage lenders; and (iv) the general public. Journal 'sustainability':Quantifying and Monetizing Renewable Energy Resiliency

Value of Resiliency Survey

In the Spring and Summer of 2017 Sustainable CUNY’s Smart DG Hub conducted in-depth interviews with experts in the fields of insurance, banking and public policy with a view towards developing a VoR Scope of Work that is fully informed by the industries capable of creating a tangible price signal for energy resiliency. Key recommendations are summarized below and provided in each section, followed by the survey and responses. VOR Survey Results

Key Recommendations