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Shared Solar NYC

New York City has committed to fighting climate change and offering all New Yorkers access to reliable, affordable renewable energy. To advance these goals the NYC Solar Partnership, led by Sustainable CUNY, is working with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the NYC Economic Development Corporation to facilitate community shared solar (CSS), also known as community distributed generation (CDG), installations throughout the five boroughs. 


The New York Public Service Commission adopted a measure in December of 2019 to consolidate the utility bills of CDG customers. Consolidated billing will lower consumer costs of CDG, improve the overall customer experience and reduce CDG sponsor costs.

Why Host A Community Shared Solar NYC Installation?

  • To earn revenue
  • To receive incentives while they are high
  • To make use of unused space
  • To generate good will, energy savings, and clean energy in the community
  • To lower energy bills for building tenants

Shared Solar NYC Gateway

The Shared Solar NYC Gateway is an online marketplace created for property owners in NYC to explore the opportunity to host a community shared solar project and connect with vetted solar developers. The NYC Shared Solar Gateway is a no-obligation tool that can help property owners maximize the value of their property while supporting the greater community.

The NYC Shared Solar Gateway will provide property owners with easy-to-compare quotes, vetted bidder information, and technical assistance from NYC’s Solar Ombudsmen to host a successful shared solar project in NYC. The Mayor’s NYC Solar Partnership will ensure projects provide community benefits, such as reserved blocks for low-to-moderate income New Yorkers in the local area.

Use the Shared Solar NYC Gateway to:

  • Register your building
  • Receive quotes from vetted solar developers
  • Weigh the benefits and sign on to be a CSS host
  • Receive support and guidance for claiming your property tax abatement
  • Receive technical assistance from NYC’s Solar Ombudsmen
  • Find upcoming workshops about community shared solar for building owners

Get started on the Shared Solar NYC Gateway or contact a NYC Solar Ombudsman at

NYCHA Shared Solar Programs

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has set a goal to install 25 MW of solar capacity on its properties by 2025. This goal will be met through two shared solar programs: the Commercial Solar Initiative and the Public Purpose Shared Solar Program, which NYCHA is developing with technical assistance from Sustainable CUNY. For details on how installers, communities and residents can participate visit the NYCHA 25 MW Solar Program page on this portal.

Community Shared Solar

“Community shared solar” programs, “Shared Renewables” or “Community Distributed Generation (CDG),” allows individuals and businesses to purchase or subscribe to portions of a large solar array based off-site and managed by a third-party. These programs have been developed in several states as a way to provide access to the economic benefits of solar to renters, residents of multifamily buildings, and others who cannot install solar on their rooftop.

New York State’s Community Net Metering policy, which was approved by the NYS Public Service Commission in July of 2015, allows the output of a single solar array to be distributed as credits to multiple utility bills. This allows renters, those with a roof that is not a good candidate for solar, as well as residents of a multifamily building the opportunity to “subscribe” to a portion of an off-site solar array and receive credit for its energy production on their electric bill.

PSC Order March 13th, 2017 The NYC Public Service Commission approved a petition filed by the City of New York and others requesting a limited waiver of the ten member minimum requirement for Community Distributed Generation (CDG) Projects. This order waives the 10 member minimum for CDG projects on residential properties with multiple units.