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The City University of New York formed the Smart Distributed Generation Hub (Smart DG Hub) to develop a strategic pathway to a more resilient distributed energy system, and is supported by Federal and State initiatives for the projects outlined below. 


3/10/2020 | 
The 2020 Updated Energy Storage Permitting and Interconnection Process Guide for New York City: Lithium-Ion Outdoor Systems, as well as the UL 9540A Data Utilization Guide for NYC: Flow Charts can be found on the Storage Resources Permitting page

2/14/2020 | This CUNY Smart DG Hub Storage Permitting 2.0 webinar can help developers gain a better understanding of evolving market dynamics and preparations for safety, siting & zoning compliance/requirements in the NYC energy storage market.

2/13/2020 | The CUNY Smart DG Hub developed a NYC Battery Zoning Matrix chart that can be found on the Storage Resources Permitting page to provide battery storage project developers with a quick reference guide to assess the potential for additional special permit obligations under new zoning requirements. 

2/5/2020 | The full presentation materials from Sustainable CUNY’s NYC Energy Storage Stakeholders Roundtable in November of 2019 are available on the Storage Resources Permitting page. This presentation represents the culmination of the 6-month effort that took place from March-August 2019 to identify the best available insights into 9540A test data utilization for the NYC energy storage project approval process.

10/1/2019 | A new FDNY rule is now in effect that establishes FDNY’s permitting & installation standards for most outdoor stationary storage battery systems. This rule implements the above guidelines through fully-developed design and installation requirements and emergency management procedures

9/26/2019 | This bulletin clarifies the applicable zoning use group and limitation when establishing facilities for utility-level battery energy storage systems.



The Smart DG Hub, working in collaboration with NYS municipalities and partners across the state, has developed an extensive portfolio of educational resources about storage, including guidance for permitting these systems in NYC. Please visit  STORAGE RESOURCES  and  WEBINARS to see our full list of supportive material.

You can also find resources on the NYSERDA Energy Storage website and the DER Integrated Data System.

Energy Storage Systems Data Analysis Initiative