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NYCHA 25 MW Solar Program

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has set a goal to install 25 MW of solar capacity on its properties by 2025. NYCHA is committed to installing this capacity to fulfill its NextGeneration Sustainability Agenda and as part of HUD’s Renew300 program. This goal will be met through two tracks: the Commercial Solar Initiative and ACcelerating Community Empowered Shared Solar (ACCESSolar),formerly known as the Public Purpose Shared Solar Program, which NYCHA developed with technical assistance from Sustainable CUNY. For more information on this program please visit Webinars and Podcasts.

Developers who wish to install solar projects on NYCHA’s largest roofs and over NYCHA’s parking lots will be able to do so through the Commercial Solar Initiative, which will offer suitable sites through a procurement process. In concert with the Commercial Solar Initiative, NYCHA will make smaller sites available to non-profits, community groups, and local renewable energy start-ups through the ACCESSolar Program.

These solicitations will consist of opportunities for community shared solar projects. As a NYPA customer, NYCHA currently cannot host net-metered or remote net-metered solar projects.