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ACcelerating Community Empowered Shared Solar (ACCESSolar), focuses on smaller sites (generally those rooftops with less than 40 kW individually) and will supplement the commercial program by maximizing the solar potential of NYCHA’s portfolio. NYCHA expects that community-based organizations and/or non-profits will team up with solar developers – especially local developers minority and women-owned enterprises -- to apply for sites. NYCHA aims for this program to provide green jobs for residents and expand the availability of solar power to LMI populations, including NYCHA residents, who have historically faced significant barriers to accessing low-cost renewable power. For more information on this program, see the “NYCHA ACCESSolar” webinar.

Up to 6 MW to be Installed in First Round

In September 2018, NYCHA selected five teams of community organizations and developers to prepare full proposals for the installation of up to six megawatts (MW) of community shared solar systems on 189 NYCHA buildings in 28 developments. Read the press release. The timeline for the remainder of the first phase can be found here.

Connecting Teams for Future Rounds

Sustainable CUNY is supporting ACCESSolar by helping to match interested developers with interested CBOs and non-profits through its Gateway portal. Developers and CBOs who would like to participate in future rounds of ACCESSolar and are looking to find like-minded partners can register their names and other information on Gateway. Sustainable CUNY will then contact registrants with compatible goals and provide them with the opportunity to connect. NYCHA has not yet released a timetable for future rounds of ACCESSolar.