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Phase One VDER Tariff

On March 9, 2017, the NY Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order on the Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER), creating a successor tariff to net energy metering (NEM). Where NEM simply credited the owner of a solar system with the retail value of a kilowatt-hour for each kilowatt-hour sent into the grid, VDER more accurately reflects the societal and environmental benefits of each system by tying compensation to a formula that includes such factors as the system’s location and the time the energy is generated. 

NYC and VDER Phase One 

NYC VDER Phase One CUNY Analysis PDF - February 8, 2018

NYSERDA & CUNY VDER Information Session Webinar - April 26, 2017


NYSERDA has a number of VDER resources in one place, including the value stack calculator, the utility-by-utility tranches for CDG projects, maps of LSRV zones and more.