NYC Solar Permitting Guide
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NYC Solar Permitting Process Guide

Welcome to Sustainable CUNY’s Solar Permitting Process Guide for NYC! This interactive Guide will help solar contractors navigate the permitting process. There are a number of steps you will have to take in order to obtain the proper permits for solar PV. In NYC, you need both a construction and an electrical work permit to install a solar PV system. For solar thermal projects, a plumbing work permit is required in lieu of the electrical permit. The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) issues each of these permits for the five boroughs.

This Guide first focuses on obtaining a construction permit, and then covers the electrical permit. Let’s start out by asking you a few questions you will need to respond to when filing your application with the NYC Development Hub.

You can also download a complete non-interactive version of the NYC Solar Permitting Process Guide* in PDF format, which will not be tailored by the questions below.

*NYC Ombudsmen are currently working with NYC Agencies to provide updates by 2023 Q2

NYC Solar Permitting Guide

1-Are you applying for the property tax abatement (PTA)?i
2-Is your system size over 10 kW DC, or not installed on a one- or two-family home, or installed on a roof with slope less than 9.5 degrees?i
3-Would you like to apply through Hub Self-Service (i.e. meaning you are NOT requesting a plan review through Hub Full-Service)?i
4-Are you applying Directive 14?i

This solar guide was last updated on: 06/16/2016

DISCLAIMER: The information shared through the NY Solar Map, Sustainable CUNY, and the City University of New York is no substitute to speaking with local jurisdictions about their permitting requirements and process. The NY Solar Map is a resource, guide, and evaluation tool, based on interviews, information models, and simulation methodologies, and results may be unavailable or inaccurate due to issues including, but not limited to, outdated datasets, incomplete or corrupted databases, and incomplete or corrupted GIS layers. CUNY does not guarantee the accuracy of the data or the applicability of the information provided by the NY Solar Map.