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Solar Connect

The NY Solar Map gives consumers the option to go beyond just viewing the solar potential of their property. They can choose to take action by connecting with solar installers.

Consumer Options

When a consumer finds their property's solar potential on the map, they can then choose to click on the blue “Find an Installer” button. This provides the option to:

  • select an installer serving new york city

If the consumer selects this option, they can choose to look at a list of installers who perform work within the five boroughs of New York City.

  • select an installer from new york state

With this option, consumers outside of New York City will be able to find installers who perform work in their local area. The listings will specify the region(s) served (i.e., Long Island, Hudson Valley, Buffalo area, etc.) when available. 

For both options, installers must be a NYSERDA Participating Contractor (those who have achieved NYSERDA Quality Installer status are so noted). The listings include the installer’s name, address, phone number and a link to their website. The listings also indicate whether the installer serves residential consumers, commercial customers, or both.

The contractor lists are provided as an informational resource only. The publication of these lists should not be considered in any way to be an endorsement, recommendation or promotion, either expressed or implied, of any of the contractors listed. Accordingly, it is the customer's sole responsibility to investigate and determine the technical capabilities and reliability of any contractor prior to entering into a contract for services provided by that firm.