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Solar Connect

The NY Solar Map gives consumers the option to go beyond just viewing the solar potential of their property. They can choose to take action by connecting with solar installers in several ways.

Consumer Options

When a consumer find their property's solar potential on the map, they can then choose to click on the blue "GET A QUOTE" button. This provides the option to:

  • select an installer from a list

If the consumer selects this option, they can choose to look at a list of installers who are participating in the Solar Connect program, and\or select from a list of installers who have previously installed in their area or are willing to do so. They can also narrow the list by type of installation such as residential, small commercial or large commercial.

  • Have up to three installers contact me

With this option consumers will be prompted through questions to provide information about their property. Installers signed up for Solar Connect who are willing to work in the consumer's area will be notified of the lead. Up to three installers may claim the lead and receive a report from the Solar Map about the property to prepare a quote for the consumer. If consumers select this option an installer should contact them within two days.

Installers and Contractors

All NY-Sun eligible installers are invited to participate in Solar Connect, the NY Solar Map's lead generation platform. Solar Connect is free and easy to use. The system automatically generates the customer request via email to experienced professionals who have worked or are willing to work in their area, and it is up to the installer which leads to respond to.
Signing up
NY-Sun eligible installers were sent an invitation email from the Solar Map system. If you did not receive an invitation or your company has recently become NY-Sun eligible, please contact  A link will be sent to you where you can create a profile and update contact information. This will ensure that customers who use the Map receive accurate information
Solar Leads
Watch the email address associated with your profile and wait for leads to come in.

Step 1: You decide whom to respond to. The NY Solar Map and Portal automatically generates the customer request via email to experienced professionals like you who have worked, or are willing to work in their area.

Step 2: Claim lead and contact customer. If you are interested and qualified, you can claim the lead and respond by contacting the customer. Please make an initial contact within two business days.

Step 3: Scope the project and send a quote. You reach out to the customer to scope out the project and send a quote.

Step 4: Get hired, and let the NY Solar Map team know! Typically 1–2 other professionals will also respond. The customer compares quotes and decides whom to hire. When you're hired, please let the NY Solar Map team know and improve your chances of winning your next customer.

Customers may also reach out to you directly because the Map includes a list of installers who do business in each county based on the NY-Sun program information.