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Con Edison is the main electric utility in NYC. They use an online system called Project Center to submit net metering applications. For large systems, utility grid upgrades may be required to handle energy flowing both ways. Contact the Distributed Generation department in advance of signing contacts to receive an initial feasibility assessment or information on potential upgrades that may be required for your project.

The NYC DCP is responsible for zoning in NYC. It was ruled that solar does not add an additional story to a building. Panels on sloped roofs cannot be tilted more than 18” off the roof.  The Zoning and Land Use Map (ZOLA) can be used to determine the zoning district and other site specific information.

If the building is a designated landmark or in a historical district, a permit must be obtained from the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission prior to submitting to the NYC Department of Buildings. The Buildings Information System (BIS) can be used to determine if the property is a landmark.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) maintains a statewide network of solar electric installers to ensure professional, quality work that meets today’s nationally-recognized standards and practices.

Participating Installers:

  • Inspect the location to determine the best system size and placement options,
  • Assist with paperwork for applying to the NY-Sun Incentive Program, including financing options,
  • Perform the installation and submit all paperwork to NYSERDA on behalf of the customer.