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Data is plentiful in this era of capturing every purchase, inquiry and tap on the keyboard. Presenting data in an easily digestible manner that provides useful information can be elusive and is one of the key goals of the the NY Solar Map and Portal. The solar statistics displayed on the lower portion of the map page are taken from NYSERDA's NY-Sun Residential and Small Commercial Incentive Program, and currently do not include projects larger than 200kW or systems that did not apply for an incentive. As a result, the statistics are not a comprehensive representation of solar installed in NYS. The portal offers many layers of analytics in the map's drop down box including but not limited to:

-       NYC/Westchester Solar Radiation

-       Statewide Solar Radiation

-       New York Utility Service Territories

-       Solarize Group Purchasing Programs

-       Unified Solar Permit Map

-       Solar Incentives: Commercial/Industrial

-       Solar Incentives: Residential and Small Commercial

-       Cost per Watt by County

-       Completed Systems by County

-       Number Approved Not Completed by County

-       Capacity Approved Not Completed by County

-       Installed Capacity by City/Town

-       Average Cost Per Watt

-       Completed Systems by City/Town

-       Approved not Completed by City/Town



Solar Snapshots

Sustainable CUNY's collaborative effort to reduce the soft costs of installing solar is supported by 16 Jurisdictional partners across New York State. The IT team and the NY Solar Ombudsmen provide individualized solar snapshots to these partners in order to identify opportunities as well as barriers to installing solar in there area. 

Services Offered

If you are interested in obtaining personalized solar analytics please contact